First and foremost I give  all the praise due to the Universal Almighty, Jehovah God and His Wonderful Son, Jesus Christ who’s shed blood opens the way to eternal life both in heaven and Earth. My name is Mr. James Jerome Bell,Cleveland, Ohio and I am running for President neither as a Republican or Democrat because neither has ever truly served the needs of the masses, the minorities, the disenfranchised, the disillusioned and the deprived.


America,and the world are suffering and at a point of immense change of a new era that has never been seen before since human history began. The social, political, business and spiritual components of Society are floating on the edge of nowhereness. I speak not uninformed, but as a student of the Bible and other religious material, asking not for riches, but wisdom for truth be told we are a difficult people.


Therein lies our greatest asset, for through the difficulties and frustrations of the moment we have the opportunity to ascend to a higher and more noble life for all the people of this great country.Families with fathers leading the way must be the strength of our communities, our cities, our country our world. There is a tremendous need for real men ,not males to return and be the focal point of a New American Society.


We can no longer look for others to find solutions that plague us , we must find them ourselves with God’s guidance. We must have dreams, aspirations and lofty goals,we must take the risk od being called different, crazy or worse for having the courage to follow that inner voice of a call to greatness.


I’m not rich, I’m not well bred as a matter of fact I’m a bastard I don’t ever even recall my biological father.But for me there has always been a deep seated yearning for a call to do great things in my life. Honestly I’ve not always been humble,it’s sort of a thorn in my flesh. I care, I love, I sympathize, I empathize,I’ve been there.


There is no candidate that has a common touch as my exemplar, Christ than me. I had to learn the principles and practices of life, yet courage and leadership were God given. I ask not for your vote, your money or support,but to listen with an open mind the sweet redemptive call of a new tomorrow which I firmly believe I am to lead.


They can try as they may keep me out of the media,suppress my message with their money ,etc.and that’ o.k. The victory is His ,not mine. Don’t think for one moment that the powers that be, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group,the Political Establishment and those conspiring for a New World Order don’t for one moment not take my bid for office as a threat to their evil agenda.


Remember, people just don’t die in their prime (mysteriously) for no reason. I’m not afraid to die,I have every reason to live, to free a people. I cannot be stopped. The spirit of the Almighty is upon me. I don’t care about the consequences of telling the truth. It is what sets men free.


Jesus in John 17:4 asks God to glorify him as He has glorified God and that has been accomplished. Jesus ministry was three and a half years, he set the example. What a wonderful thing for him to do.


Silver and gold I do not have, but I submit to you today that I will go down in history as one of the greatest men who ever lived.


Humbly in truth,

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